Read by Bruce McDonald

Music by Robert Farmer

Audio Engineering by Bruce McDonald

The Invisible Man is Innocent was originally published at

He has had other humor pieces published at McSweeneys
Online Tendency, The Big Jewel, MonkeyBicycle, The
Morning News, Weird Tales, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination and
Talebones.  You can find Mr. Gamelli at

Regarding today’s front-page story:  I’m surely just one of
thousands dismayed to read that Mayor Pendleton’s pants slipped
down around his ankles during last night’s address at City Hall.
However, while I think we can all agree it was unfortunate (and
no doubt humiliating), I must take issue with your reporter,
Alan Hendale, who went out of his way to label the incident

We all know what he was implying.

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Spooklight IllustrationEpisode 1: Spooklights
by Mike Robinson
read by Kada McDonald
illustrated by Marc Sandroni

The town of Lansboro had many names for them. They called them fireflies at first, with a reluctant voice tremor that always indicated it was merely a familiar nickname to offset the phenomena’s eerie unfamiliarity
. Listen and find out what happens to a small town confronted by a transforming power through the eyes of one of it’s more humble residents. You can find out more about the author Mike Robinson at his website,, including how to buy his anthology, Too Much Dark Matter, Not Enough Gray: An Anthology of Weird Fiction, which contains the print version of this week’s story.

The illustration for Spooklights was created by Marc Sandroni. Our clonepod illustration was also completed by Marc.