State of the Podcast

At this time, clonepod is undergoing some changes. We have lost one editor and two audio engineers – hence the lower quality of the previous episode. What we haven’t lost is a fantastic line up of stories and we are working hard at getting up to speed at editing stories ourselves. We […]

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EP: 28 The Visionaries by Robert Reed

Read by Jusitn Lowmaster who can be found at www.thebeandom.com/spaceturtle and www.thespaceturtle.com.’

Find more by our author at  www.robertreedwriter.com

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FF-7 Tourists by Jonathan Lowe

Read by Leslie Ann Moore

audio engineering by Bruce McDonald

Music by Robert Farmer

Happy New Year from everyone at clonepod.  Today we are releasing the promised Flash Fiction piece that we had intended to release for Christmas before we knew we could run the wonderful steampunk story, Cold Duty for Christmas.  

The author of today’s story, Jonathan […]

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EP-23 Invisible by Leslie Ann Moore

Read by Leslie Ann Moore

Audio engineering by Bruce McDonald

Music by Robert Farmer

Leslie Ann Moore works in the healing profession and is the author of Griffin’s Daughter.  She is part of the clonepod team as an editor and a frequent narrator for clonepod’s stories.  You can listen to the podcast of her exciting book at http://leslieann.podomatic.com.

Invisible […]

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EP-22 Union Dues: The Sojourn of Taizen Kiro by Jeffrey R DeRego

Read by Leslie Ann Moore

Audio Engineering by Bruce McDonald

Music by Robert Farmer

Ending Song  “Re: Your Brains” by Johnathan Coulton

Parental Guidance Strongly Suggested

No tricks today, only a treat – a new Union Dues story!  Also included is a Halloween Song which we love and hope you will too.

Most of our listeners are familiar with Jeffrey DeRego’s Union Dues […]

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EP-20 Outside Chance by Matthew Johnson

Read by Leslie Ann Moore

Audio Engineering by Bruce McDonald

Matthew Johnson has published stories in markets such as Asimov’s Science Fiction and Strange Horizons as well as anthologies including Best New Fantasy 2 and Fantasy: The Best of the Year (2007 and 2008 editions.) ‘Outside Chance’ was first published in the Summer 2006 issue of On […]

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Jeffery R DeRego’s Surgery and Finacial Assistance

Jeffery R DeRego recently underwent open heart surgery to clear 5 blocked artieries.  Thankfully, the surgery went well and he will be home next week.  Steve Eley of escapepod, where so many of Mr DeRego’s stories have been aired, has set up a paypal account to donate money to Mr DeRego and his family during […]

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Missing files….

Sorry about our recent outage of files, someone misunderstood what was going on, and moved files to a different directory. Sorry for taking so long to repairing this, however all the files should be back to where they originally were.

Thanks for listening!

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FF3: The Invisible Man is Innocent by Ralph Gamelli

Read by Bruce McDonald

Music by Robert Farmer

Audio Engineering by Bruce McDonald

The Invisible Man is Innocent was originally published at McSweeneys.net

He has had other humor pieces published at McSweeneys
Online Tendency, The Big Jewel, MonkeyBicycle, The
Morning News, Weird Tales, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination and
Talebones.  You can find Mr. Gamelli at http://webpagewithlinks.blogspot.com/

Regarding today’s front-page story:  I’m surely just […]

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Technical Difficulties.

Sorry folks we’re having technical difficulties.

If you play the most recent episodes using the flash player on the page, you’ll be hearing Chipmunks. They do play properly in other players and if you download it to play on your computer it should be fine.

We are aware of the problem and are working to fix it.

Thanks […]

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