Audio Restored!

Thanks to Libsyn’s help we were able to get all of the audio back. If you do happen to find any episodes that don’t play please drop us a line! (or for faster service send a message to @chrispodcaster on Twitter).

3 Responses to Audio Restored!

  1. great to have the archives back!

    looking forward to seeing new content-

    You peeps do good work.

  2. I see that I’m about two years late to the party, but is there any way, at this late date, to listen to the stories that people used to listen to here?

  3. Everything is gone again – I’m almost in tears, because the latest iTunes update deleted all my previously-played podcasts, and there is nothing in the clonepod folder on my hard drive. So I came over here to download the Union Dues stories, but everything is showing “404 – File Not Found.” Please help?