Episode 27: The Last Dog

Today we are proud to present a story by Mike Resnick. The story is The Last Dog, be warned you may find this is a very sad story. If your not able to cry where your at, you may wish to hold off on listening to the story.

We do apologize for this story being late, the next one will most likely also be late. Details as to why, are given in this episode.

4 thoughts on “Episode 27: The Last Dog

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  2. Abbie

    Aw! That actually made me cry.

    Also, although I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while, I didn’t realize that your names are Abbie and Forrest. My brother and I are about 10 years older than you guys, but we’re also Abbie and Forrest. He goes by his middle name, Hughes, because he’s a Jr. We did a feedback episode together a while back for my podcast. Anyway, I thought that was nifty.

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