Read by Ace Antonio Hall

This story is rated r for language.

Episode 26 is part of our Dog Appreciation Month at Clonepod in honor of our new puppy, WallE and our dog, Hazel, who has welcomed WallE into the family.

Scott Bradfield has worked in Hollywood writing scripts for Sony, Universal, Working Title and Roger Corman’s Concorde Films. ┬áHe has written two books entitled Hot Animal Love and Good Girl Wants it Bad. ┬áRecent work has appeared in Bookforum, and the New York Ghost.

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3 comments on “EP 26: Dazzle Joins the Screenwriter’s Guild by Scott Bradfield

  1. Oh my goodness! Shame on you for portraying yourself as a podcast for children. Did I hear you say Dazzel Jones was rated PG? It’s rated MA if it’s a day. Luck I heard Dazzel before I told my grandchildren about your podcast.

  2. SF Fangirl Apr 13, 2009

    Ummm. I just gushed about “Cold Duty”, but I can’t do the same about this. Was there a point? Was there a plot? I really felt like we entered in the middle of a story. Dazzle’s background was never explained – only hinted at obliquely. Maybe an understanding would have helped, but I kind of think not. Sadly this ep was a dissappointment.

    Good luck with the administrative stuff though. Overall I do enjoy your podcast a lot.

  3. Wow. This might have been a great story if you’re a Hollywood insider, but I had a hard time following it or caring about it past the opening scene.

    And I’m sorry, but the reading didn’t help. He mispronounced words (making “dog” sound like “doll” for the first several minutes–and we will not EVEN discuss his mangled Spanish and Latin), put the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble, and rushed through places where pauses would have lent better understanding.

    Hope you guys come back eventually. I discovered the podcast long after you stopped putting out new episodes. :)

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