Read by Leslie Ann Moore

audio engineering by Bruce McDonald

Music by Robert Farmer

Happy New Year from everyone at clonepod.  Today we are releasing the promised Flash Fiction piece that we had intended to release for Christmas before we knew we could run the wonderful steampunk story, Cold Duty for Christmas.  

The author of today’s story, Jonathan Lowe, has a website that includes interviews and reviews of audio books.  We recommend checking his work out at

 I was in the air en route to Jamaica once when the guy next to me said:  “We aliens like to fly first class.”
         I looked at him, closely.  He winked.  Twice.  On the second wink I spewed the gin and tonic I’d been sipping all over him.  Luckily, the old folks sitting across from us were asleep, precluding embarrassment.  Although I did have a good excuse for it.  After all, the guy doing the winking had two eyelids, the second resembling an icky green jelly-like membrane.  Other than this rather minor oversight he could have passed for any insurance salesman.