EP- 25 Cold Duty by Dan Sawyer

Today we are very pleased to announced Steampod’s first every Christmas Story by airing it on clonepod as well.  Tonight’s story is Cold Duty. It was written by J. Daniel Sawyer of Literary Abominations. The story is read by Stephen Killbride of the Tea and Chat Podcast.  If you enjoyed the story, head on over to steampod for more.

11 Responses to EP- 25 Cold Duty by Dan Sawyer

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  2. Great even though sad story! I loved the atmosphere of the story, and the narrator was well suited for the task.

  3. That was probably my favorite CP to date. I liked it even more than the UD stories. Great stuff.

  4. Hello Clones!

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story “Cold Duty” by Dan Sawyer. Stephen Killbride’s reading was just perfect also; it really made the story come to life. I’ve been curious about the steampunk sub-genre of SF for sometime, and this was a sterling example. Intriguing, well-researched, and heartbreaking, all at the same time. Well done!

  5. Avatar TerminusVox
    TerminusVox says:

    Great story, great performance!

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  8. Great story. This story pushed me over the fence to contribute. Thanks you guys for a wonderful podcast!

  9. Avatar SF Fangirl
    SF Fangirl says:

    I am behind on my listening, but I just had a chance to listen to “Cold Duty”. Awesome story. I’m not a steam punk fan, but it was a beautiful, human story. Thanks airing it. I would have never heard this without clonepod.

  10. Avatar DavidDez
    DavidDez says:

    A ROMANTIC Dan Sawyer story. There is a slight error in royal titles towards the end, probably only noticeable by a Royalist few. Very enjoyable, warm and one of those stories that stay with one forever. Well done Dan (as usual). Thank you Clonepod for bringing it out and providing it to us.

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