Read by Leslie Ann Moore

Audio Engineering by Bruce McDonald

Music by Robert Farmer

Ending Song  “Re: Your Brains” by Johnathan Coulton

Parental Guidance Strongly Suggested

No tricks today, only a treat – a new Union Dues story!  Also included is a Halloween Song which we love and hope you will too.

Most of our listeners are familiar with Jeffrey DeRego’s Union Dues series both on escapepod and now his new series of the Team Shikaragaki on our podcast.  If you haven’t yet been infected with the Union Dues bug, you will have the joy of getting to go back into our archives and escapepod’s Union Dues archives to catch up with the stories

I’m on my second Martini when I feel Miss Jennifer enter the Jumpin’ Catfish Lounge: Home of the Buck-Fifty Draft. The bar is attached to a seedy little candlepin bowling alley wedged between an abandoned church, Baptist I think, and a dirt parking lot stuffed with pickup trucks. The walls are papered with posters for low-rent country cover bands, amateur wrestling, and The World Famous Solomon Brothers Traveling Circus. A wagon wheel chandelier throws enough light that I can’t even blend into the shadows so she’s sure to see me.

I’ve got an ear-worm and the gin is dulling it some but not chasing it away. This isn’t a regular ear-worm, you know, like the first two bars of a TV theme song that perpetually cycle through your head like some supernatural torture. No, this is a stray thought.

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2 comments on “EP-22 Union Dues: The Sojourn of Taizen Kiro by Jeffrey R DeRego

  1. Not the best of the Team S. stories so far – but still very cool. Maybe I was just annoyed that I didn’t guess the twist.

  2. Great timing. I was just doing this. thanks for the helpful advice, it’ll help me on my project.

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