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Jeffery R DeRego’s Surgery and Finacial Assistance

Jeffery R DeRego recently underwent open heart surgery to clear 5 blocked artieries.  Thankfully, the surgery went well and he will be home next week.  Steve Eley of escapepod, where so many of Mr DeRego’s stories have been aired, has set up a paypal account to donate money to Mr DeRego and his family during this very trying time for them.  You can paypal donations to derego@escapepod.org and send cards to Jeffery DeRego C/O Escape Artists INC, PO Box 1538, Stone Mountain, GA 30086.  We feel that it is best not to duplicate Steve Eley’s efforts.  To find out more about what Steve Eley is doing for Mr DeRego please follow this link.

We are fortunate to have another Union Dues story upcoming.  We will release as soon as we can do it justice and again ask our listeners to help out an author who has given so much enjoyment.

2 Responses to Jeffery R DeRego’s Surgery and Finacial Assistance

  1. Glad to see you guys are spreading the word about helping Mr. DeRego. One of the reasons I started listening and doanting to clonepod was because of his new series.

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