Read and audio engineering by Bruce McDonald

Manny the Mailmobile was first published in the Jan/Feb 2002 issue of Cicada and was reprinted in Greek in issue 2 of Ennea in Feb 2005.

Eugie Foster has many credits to her name such as stories in the Realms of Fantasy, The Third Alternative, Cricket, Orson Scott Card’s InterGalctic Medicine Show, and anthologies Best New Fantasy (Wildside Press), Heroes in Training (Daw Books), and Magic in the Mirrorstone (Wizards of the Coast/Mirrorstone Books).  Her work has been translated into Greek, Hungarian, Polish and French.

I am a Mark VII Mail Assistant Navigation Instrument, although everyone calls me Manny for short.  My life at Amlgig Inc. was comfortable, if a little humdrum.  My route was programmed in so I wouldn’t get lost or tumble down the stairs by mistake — don’t laugh, it happened to one of the prototypes.  The only thing I had to watch out for were the stray peds lurking around corners.  That wasn’t even a real problem; once I scanned them with my sensors, a few good beeps usually scattered them from my path.