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Ep9 Alien Hunt by James Hartley

Read by Bruce McDonald

Music by Robert Farmer

Audio Engineering by Bruce McDonald

A special thanks to Chris Moody of Podiomedia Chat for web design assistance.

Alien Hunt is the story of a Men in Black style “agent” looking for aliens on earth who is given a hit and run case.
Our author this week is James Hartley who is […]

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Ep8 Tannis by William Meikle

Read by Rufus Nagel

Tannis is a standalone short story, but also forms the
bulk of the opening chapter of the young adult SF
novel Generations. Tannis is currently in production
as a short animated movie by a student filmmaker in
South Africa. The story previously appeared in the UK
small press magazine Xenos Issue 5 1993.

William Meikle is a Scottish […]

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Ep7 Haunting Clues by Maria Schneider

by Leslie Ann Moore

Haunting Clues was first published at in March 2007.  This story is a light-hearted ghost story.  This story is also available at   Maria Schneider work can also be found at in the January 2008 issue and in
Toil, Trouble and Rot at  (forthcoming issue)

 When he walked into my detective agency, I […]

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Technical Difficulties.

Sorry folks we’re having technical difficulties.

If you play the most recent episodes using the flash player on the page, you’ll be hearing Chipmunks. They do play properly in other players and if you download it to play on your computer it should be fine.

We are aware of the problem and are working to fix it.

Thanks […]

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