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Flash Fiction: At The Aquarium by Matthew Spence


Read by Leslie Ann Moore, author of Griffin’s Daughter

Mathew Spence’s work has appeared in Black Satellite, Brew City Magazine, Cyber Oasis, Down in the Cellar, and

I look through the glass wall that separates their world from mine and see them as they must see me-as curiosities; creatures that are clever enough but which lack true sentience. I know now that is a false impression, for I have seen more of their world than the others of my kind have.

Episode 6: I Have a Daughter by Catherine Edmunds

 Warning PG13 for violence and suggestive language

Illustration is by Rikki Niehaus. You can find more of her work at

Read by Leslie Ann Moore, author of Griffin’s Daughter

“I Have a Daughter”, was first published by Earlyworks Press in the high fantasy anthology, “The Sleepless Sands.” Ms. Edmunds is an English poet, novelist and short story writer, with many works in various anthologies, as well as one published novel.  Catherine Edminds’ recent poetry book can be found at our site’s bookstore.

“I have a daughter.”

      My father’s deep tones rang out, commanding silence, and the moment I’d been dreading since I turned sixteen finally arrived. I clutched Shull’s fur and watched intently from behind the grill that had helped keep me invisible all these years.

      The tall warrior’s eyes lit up. These were the first words of a ritual, and barbarian or no, he knew them well, but had never expected to hear them himself. None in the hall would have known of my existence; the fact that my father had a daughter. There was a murmuring of surprise, then a hushing to silence.

      “I have a daughter,” my father repeated, softly this time, and this time the warrior responded. The ritualistic words were spoken harshly, his voice cracking with the strain of sudden unexpected hope.

      “I have need of a wife.”

Flash Fiction: Now That I’m A Robot by Ralph Gamelli

Now that I'm a Robot pic

Illustration by Steve Cartwright.  Y ou can find more of his work at

Read by Rufus Nagel

Now that I’m a Robot was originally published online at Science Creative
Quarterly in November, 2006.
He has had other humor pieces published at McSweeneys
Online Tendency, The Big Jewel, MonkeyBicycle, The
Morning News, Weird Tales, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination and
Talebones.  You can find Mr. Gamelli at