• State of the Podcast

    At this time, clonepod is undergoing some changes. We have lost one editor and two audio engineers – hence the lower quality of the previous episode. What we haven’t lost is a fantastic line up of stories and we are working hard at getting up to speed at editing stories ourselves. We expect to be up and running again at our previous quality in two weeks, but we won’t air until we can do a good job. – Forrest and Abby

  • EP: 28 The Visionaries by Robert Reed

    Read by Jusitn Lowmaster

    You can find out more about Justin on his websites www.thebeandom.com/spaceturtle and www.thespaceturtle.com.

    Today’s story is PG13 for language and adult topics

    You can find out more about today’s author at his website www.robertreedwriter.com

    Everyone is an unmitigated failure.

    And then success comes, or it doesn’t. When I was still an unpublished author, I wrote a long story about an average fellow wandering through his relentlessly unremarkable life.  His world wasn’t particularly different from mine, ecept for being set in some down-the-road future. The plot was minimal, the sf ideas scarse.  Yet something about the narrative….

  • Episode 27: The Last Dog

    Today we are proud to present a story by Mike Resnick. The story is The Last Dog, be warned you may find this is a very sad story. If your not able to cry where your at, you may wish to hold off on listening to the story.

    We do apologize for this story being late, the next one will most likely also be late. Details as to why, are given in this episode.

  • EP 26: Dazzle Joins the Screenwriter’s Guild by Scott Bradfield

    Read by Ace Antonio Hall

    This story is rated r for language.

    Episode 26 is part of our Dog Appreciation Month at Clonepod in honor of our new puppy, WallE and our dog, Hazel, who has welcomed WallE into the family.

    Scott Bradfield has worked in Hollywood writing scripts for Sony, Universal, Working Title and Roger Corman’s Concorde Films.  He has written two books entitled Hot Animal Love and Good Girl Wants it Bad.  Recent work has appeared in Bookforum, thefanzine.com and the New York Ghost.

    Dazzle found his first script conference a lot less painful than he expected.

    “I see a dog with severe personality disorders,” envisioned Syd Fleishman of Sony Tristar, seated in his overstuffed leather armchair with a plastic liter of Evian propped between his knees. “I see a dog with closeness issues, and issues about his dad…..

  • FF-7 Tourists by Jonathan Lowe

    Read by Leslie Ann Moore

    audio engineering by Bruce McDonald

    Music by Robert Farmer

    Happy New Year from everyone at clonepod.  Today we are releasing the promised Flash Fiction piece that we had intended to release for Christmas before we knew we could run the wonderful steampunk story, Cold Duty for Christmas.  

    The author of today’s story, Jonathan Lowe, has a website that includes interviews and reviews of audio books.  We recommend checking his work out at Justsaynoway.com.

     I was in the air en route to Jamaica once when the guy next to me said:  “We aliens like to fly first class.”
             I looked at him, closely.  He winked.  Twice.  On the second wink I spewed the gin and tonic I’d been sipping all over him.  Luckily, the old folks sitting across from us were asleep, precluding embarrassment.  Although I did have a good excuse for it.  After all, the guy doing the winking had two eyelids, the second resembling an icky green jelly-like membrane.  Other than this rather minor oversight he could have passed for any insurance salesman.

  • EP- 25 Cold Duty by Dan Sawyer

    Today we are very pleased to announced Steampod’s first every Christmas Story by airing it on clonepod as well.  Tonight’s story is Cold Duty. It was written by J. Daniel Sawyer of Literary Abominations. The story is read by Stephen Killbride of the Tea and Chat Podcast.  If you enjoyed the story, head on over to steampod for more.